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Furnishing an outdoor space with a kitchen that is not only functional but also meets specific aesthetic standards and combines stylish design with ergonomics and function.

Epoxy powder coated steel and Pietra Piasentina are the materials chosen for this new project. They are ideal for resisting humidity, inclement weather, temperature fluctuations and wear and tear.

The use of painted steel expresses a specific aesthetic choice: to take the kitchen outside the home and make it a key feature of outdoor spaces.

In addition to the classic barbecue grill, a wood-burning oven and teppanyaki plate are also available and can be configured as requested. The system is complemented with two storage areas (for stacking wood for the oven or kitchen utensils), a wash area, a space for chilling drinks, an ice maker and a sink – also in Pietra Piasentina – which can become a practical ice bucket when required.

Volumes and materials allow you to indulge in the pleasure (and luxury) of a MODULNOVA kitchen both inside and outside the home…

The same qualities of comfort and stylish design that are the distinctive features of solutions for indoor kitchen contexts are also available for this innovative outdoor system, which guarantees high performance and maximum functionality.

Comfort and thoughtful design for indoor kitchens are now declined for this innovative outdoor system that ensures high performance and maximum functionality. They are available, in addition to the classic barbecue grill, a pizza oven, a fryer, a teppanyaki plate and an induction plate. Completing the system two containment areas, one dedicated to the washing space, one dedicated to the refrigeration of beverages, a machine for the production of ice and an ever tub in piasentina stone.

MODULNOVA OUTDOOR KITCHEN, the novelty of this year’s most awaited concerning outer space, where the company has decided to bring their own aesthetic and their own design through the creation of a dedicated kitchen, designed by Andrea Bassanello.