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MODULNOVA MARBELLA – An awesome effect is given by the Greco nero stoneware wall cladding. Coordinated with the Eucalyptus Milltech base units, they make the wall extremely elegant.


The opportunity to coordinate different materials and textures inside the elements comprising the project, without restrictions, is one of the many advantages offered by the interchangeable products made by Modulnova.

Large volumes, intense colour schemes, warm atmospheres
and valuable materials form the design philosophy of Skill,
where care is dedicated to every detail.

Old, reclaimed wood with natural iron shelves, a boiserie
of times gone by. Standing against a concrete wall, the
primitive state of the material is exalted without compromise



Linear, minimal Skill uses new materials and surfaces to customise kitchen planning, adapting to all needs without forgoing a strong personality.

Slim thicknesses are a feature of the Skill project: from the peninsula to the fronts and finishing side panels. Combining Skill with a Blade bookcase produces a truly refined effect.

With our new programmes and finishes the kitchen and living room are ever closer, seamlessly blending to create a highly customised environment that meets the needs of the family.

The SKILL programme includes a series of tall units with doors which can create a niche that can be faced with side and back panels in different inishes (with or without aluminium proiles for dimming LED lights).


The bathroom also includes new materials and textures, as well as clever use of light integrated into the units to introduce refreshed bathrooms in colours never previously experimented.