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MODULNOVA MARBELLA Frame Living, an awesome effect is given by the Greco nero stoneware wall cladding. Coordinated with the Eucalyptus Milltech base units, they make the wall extremely elegant.



Living room, suspended sideboard, table and boiserie come together with coordinated materials and colour schemes to make a pleasing combination.

The Blade smoked Oak veneered bookcase and Syros stoneware boiserie bring minimal elegance to a refined living room.

Frame is possibly one of the most exquisite collections of Modulnova Marbella, the use of large Greco nero stoneware plates provides a luxurious and natural finish.

In contrast to marble, the pieces in natural or lacquered wood in different colors stand out for their natural beauty and contrast their textures.


Linear, minimal FRAME uses new materials and surfaces to customise kitchen planning, adapting to all needs without forgoing a strong personality.

Slim thicknesses are a feature of the FRAME project: from the peninsula to the fronts and finishing side panels. Combining FRAME with a Blade bookcase produces a truly refined effect.

The design of this collection is specially created to give prominence to the beauty of its materials. Contemporary furniture with elegant lines that highlight the finishes.

The spaces of the Frame collection have a rich and distinguished atmosphere that is in perfect harmony with other Modulnova Marbella designs.

El uso de los volúmenes es muy importante en esta línea de living. Los tamaños son especialmente tenidos en cuenta para resaltar cada uno de los elementos, que encajan entre sí a la perfección.