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MODULNOVA MARBELLA – Real works of art

Doors (1cm thick) and 1.2cm thick box-type worktop (produced by folding system) in smoky oak with rear cut-out to accommodate a bookshelf. A monobloc anthracite Savoy stone stoneware insert on the worktop includes an integrated sink in Savoy stone and an induction cooking hob in steel and glass. The use of back panels made by folding system creates pure simple volumes, the lack of handles and plinths, heights up to the ceiling, and “disappearing” doors flush with the wall make Modulnova kitchen units real works of art.


  • Frontali basi
  • Frontali colonne
  • Piano di lavoro
  • Boisrie sistema Wall
  • Penisola
  • Pietra amarula raw
  • Black dust
  • Impiallacciato eucalipto
  • Pietra amarulla raw
  • Impiallaciato eucalipto

Our stone kitchen furniture is the apex of Modulnova projects: through research and the use of new technologies we have been able to transform a ‘heavy’ material into a ‘light’ one suitable for kitchens.

Matching Amarula raw stone and Eucalyptus veneer makes Blade Lab kitchen furniture unique.

Craftsmanship and skilful treatment of raw materials: this island block is enhanced with specially processed Amarula raw stone, making it unique of its kind.


If you like to exaggerate, don’t hold back on your project; Blade provides solutions to all needs. The greatly reduced weight of the aluminium front means doors can also be six metres high.

A new boiserie system developed over different depths makes room for panelling to contain LEDs to illuminate the refined boiserie.

The large pivoting door is an exclusive idea by Modulnova. An ultra-slim, integrated panel is used for different solutions, providing previously unknown flexibility.

MODULNOVA Blade brings innovation and tradition in its design and choice of materials; resin, stoneware and distressed wood, materials from the past reminiscent of unforgettable experiences that warm our hearts and take us back to the most classical dimensions found in the niche boiserie panels and the 8cm thick large shelves in distressed larch.