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BLADE bath

Blade Bath designed by MODULNOVA MARBELLA – Absolute flexibility
Absolute flexibility is the mood of Blade that leads to several combinations also thanks to the wide range of new materials proposed for the finishes, such as aluminium, glass and wood. These materials allow creating surfaces highly resistant to wear but light-weight and recyclable at the same time.


Design of bath contemporaneo

Modulnova Marbella  Blade bath includes a series of base and tall units in different finishes and sizes with front panels thickness 10 mm, square cut and without handles. The doors are opened by grasping a concave nmetal profile that is fastened onto the base unit structures (horizontal groove), thus creating a grove to grasp and open doors and drawers. Elegance and technique are combined in the choice to use the same finishing material for the grooves as in the front panels


The oval bathtub Infinity was conceived as a functional island that combines a rigorous shape with maximum flexibility. You can freely customise the finishing panels all around it choosing among different materials such as Tecnoril, glass, kerlite, aluminium and resin. You can also decide to add the panels only on one side, on two sides (r/l), on three sides or even on all of them. Everything was conceived to have unique solutions.

Redesigning the space with a natural approach in mind: this is what the Blade collection is all about. The textured finish of nero fossile kerlite in enhanced by white tecnoril and the rovere ossidato floor.Advanced settings.

The total white creates unforgettable atmospheres, even in the bathroom. The bathtub and the new Aqa shower tray are made of Tecnoril, which is particularly hard-wearing, resistant and easy to clean.


The bathroom also includes new materials and textures, as well as clever use of light integrated into the units to introduce refreshed bathrooms in colours never previously experimented.