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Modulnova bathroom furniture has an elegance and simplicity that belies its practical storage solutions – formed around the concept of suspended furniture and counter tops that can either support or contain the basin. Modern bathrooms that are a combination of sharp linear shelving and monolithic storage units housing basins and a collection of handleless storage solutions. With an array of carefully considered materials and colour options to choose from there is a solution for any contemporary bathroom.

We have the latest market trends in all types of baths components: furniture, sinks and bidets, toilets, bathtubs and shower trays, spas, screens, bathroom accessories, faucets, radiators, mirrors, floor and wall tiles.

With minimal and elegant style, MODULNOVA Marbella provides high quality bathroom pieces.

At the forefront of the design industry, MODULNOVA continue to push the boundaries, introducing new and exciting materials to market with innovation unseen by their rivals – sourcing only the best in new materials and technology then combining this with artisanal workmanship and design integrity.

The outcome reveals an intelligent and progressive blend of ergonomic awareness, aesthetic volume and importantly – texture.

Combining use of materials ranging from cement resin, porcelain sheeting, natural stones and treated metals requires substantial consideration in design and showcases the true vision of MODULNOVA.

Meticulous proportions, subtle colours and successfully combined volumes are the distinguishing elements that have inspired the different bath collections.


1. Integrated Design

2. Planning Flexibility

3. High Quality Materials

4. Materials and finishes wide

5. Recognizable Items