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Non creiamo divisioni, ma connessioni.

                                                  We create connections instead of divisions.



WHEN we are inside our living space, we constantly seek harmony, well-being and balance; a safe place to spend our life. It is necessary to divide spaces to make them liveable, yet at the same time it is important to maintain a unitary awareness, just as our emotional perspective of our home is unique. In this sense, a living space is both a physical and a mental place in which ADL wants to create harmony between architecture and people, by designing systems that promote a harmonious connection between the different parts of a house. Door openings that create harmony rather than barriers within a space, so that there is always a sense of continuity between the rooms.

ADL has developed eleven systems to ensure that you to find the ideal solution for your comfort and well-being: from traditional sliding systems to pull and internal wall sliding doors; from innovative swing doors to large pivot hinge doors; from captivating folding opening systems to elegant glass and aluminium flush doors. Every single technological detail – like the perfect sliding motion of the doors and the silent operation of the ADL carriage – has been designed so that every movement is fluid, silent and harmonious, thereby ensuring an extremely high quality User Experience.


DIVIDING space is something that arises out of necessity: the need to compartmentalise volumes based on each person’s needs and way of life. Thanks to the MIES system, this division is not a boundary but an invisible line that flows within a space, facilitating liveability and dictating a dynamic rhythm that unites rather than obstructs. An innovative continuous glass wall that does not divide rooms but connects them, allowing light and visibility to flow freely, thereby eliminating the barriers created by traditional walls.

MIES is a minimal solution that personalises any space, integrating optimally with any style thanks to the slim aluminium frame, the absence of uprights between the glass panes, and the innovative patented section, which is easy to adjust and install. The system can be combined with all of the most popular doors in the ADL range.


HUMANS have always been fascinated by glass, a wonderful material that is
able to contai , reflect and refract light, as well as multiply and distort vision. Thanks to its nature, it is an element that – alongside aluminium – plays a central role in ADL design thinking: to connect, not divide. To achieve this goal, the brand has selected a wide range of glass with different characteristics: clear, acidated, reflective, layered with mesh, textured, back-painted. Each ADL door is therefore able to control a series of technical-aesthetic variables that are essential to its function, from light to transparency; from reflections to refractions.


TOGETHER WITH LIGHT AND SPACE, material is one of the three key elements of architecture. Thanks to the use of a wide range of materials, from stone to metallic foil, porcelain stoneware, wood and ceramic, ADL doors are able to assume a chameleonic nature that responds to different aesthetic needs: they can become protagonists, turning into an important focal point of the room; turn into material counterpoints of certain elements in the surrounding space; or be covered in the material of which the architecture itself is made. The ADL material doors connect, blend and stand out in spaces, creating an extraordinary visual richness.


ADL DESIGNS and manufactures aluminium and glass doors that harmonise perfectly with the surrounding environment, promoting a unitary awareness of the space. Eleven systems that adapt to any way of life, thereby contributing to a sense of well-being in your living space: from the combination of technical rigour and minimalist aesthetics in the QUADRA line, to the versatility of our MITICA range; from the different combinations offered by LINE, to the industrial character of OFFICINA. Not to mention the flat volumes of PIANA, the chameleonic nature of MATERICA, the flowing spaces of MIES, the innovative STYLE flush door, the transparency of LIGHT, the wide moving curtains of ALA and the sensorial rigidity of TESA: in all ADL systems, stylistic research always meets high functionality. The wide range of models, types of opening systems, finishes, glass and materials used is combined with production flexibility which meets any design need, even the most daring: perfect “custom-made” doors in which design and technology play a key role